Got Close Neighbors Inexpensive Solution to Gain Privacy from the Neighbors

Got Close Neighbors Inexpensive Solution to Gain Privacy from the Neighbors is part of – Neighbors a little too close for comfort or just too close for your pet’s comfort Then this inexpensive solution to gain privacy may be what you need In our house, we have a small problem Several actually but this one concerns our dogs barking at the neighbors Which let’s face it that is what dogs do, especially if they see someone in close proximity to their own yard But our neighbors seem to find it annoying, me too since I work from home, and my husband and I are on a mission to help combat the problem Part of the problem starts with our sliding glass door leading to the screened porch room and the dog pen This is a good setup to allow our dogs access to the outside and the inside spaces at the same time Unfortunately, these sliding doors face the neighbor’s pool pump house Not only is it unsightly but I swear our neighbors walk to that pump house to check on the condition of the saltwater pump and equipment nearly 10 times a day during the warmer months and my dogs bark at them Every Single Time Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but they go to the pump house A LOT My husband and I are considering installing a partial fence both for privacy and a sound barrier (we really do like our neighbors just not the constant dog barking their presence causes) In the meantime, we found a simple and inexpensive way to block the view of their pump house and every little wild creature that crosses in front of the windows from the constant watchful eyes of our four legged companions This post contains affiliate links which means I will earn a small commission if you purchase anything through these links Affiliate links help support the cost of this blog Thanks for your support Inexpensive Solution to Gain Privacy from the Neighbors For this project you will need Spray bottle filled with water Squeegee Rolls of Window Film (I used a Milky Finish and it took four rolls) Window Cleaner and paper towels Yard Stick or Tape Measure Black Sharpie Marker To start, I cleaned the glass doors with window cleaner to remove all of the dog nose art and paw smudges and allowed it to dry thoroughly For this project I didn’t want to just cover the glass doors with the window film and call it done I wanted to somehow create a modern frosted pattern that was both decorative and functionable To design the pattern, I pulled out my drafting board, a tsquare, and some grid paper and got to work My husband and I both decided we liked a block design in decreasing sizes to be our favorite pattern The rolls of window film I purchased had a grid on the back that made for easy cutting to the different sizes of my pattern I highly recommend making sure whatever type you buy has a similar grid It makes this project so much easier The block sizes I used were 18″, 12″ 9″, 6″ and then 3″ for the top I used a yard stick and a sharpie to make measurement ticks on the glass to align the placement of the cut film (Sorry everyone but I was installing this alone and couldn’t hold a camera, the yardstick and the sharpie pen all at the same time ) To apply the window film, spray down the glass with water Then peel off the paper back to the film section and place it on the glass using the black tick marks as a guide Since the window film stays in place with static cling, it is very easy to move the film around as needed Once it is in place, spray the film down with water again and use the squeegee to push out bubbles and excess water from underneath the film Of course the larger blocks of window film are applied to the bottom of the glass doors because that is the visual height of the dogs The smaller blocks allow us to see out and over them while allowing in the natural light I crave Stopping at this height does mean that my husband and I can still see the pump house but hopefully a fence and some landscaping will solve that problem later this summer (fingers crossed) That is it Such an easy and inexpensive way to create privacy and mental peace from dog barking while they are inside (2366) Related posts Pure Colors, Original Elegance for Grandma’s Dresser The Easiest DIY Upcycled Headboard Painted Burlap Table Runner with Scalloped Edges

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