Natural Designs with Live Edge Furniture

Natural Designs with Live Edge Furniture is part of Welcome To Live Edge Design Remarkable Natural Custom – What is Live Edge Furniture Live edge as the term refers to a style of furniture where the furniture designer or craftsperson fabricate the live edge of the wood in the design of the piece In short generally, the furniture of a live edge is left untouched or natural from at least one side Live edge furniture is known for its organic, unique beauty, and it is perfect for adding that unique touch to an ordinary space Live edge designs have always been very popular and ontrend It completes transforming interior from works of art! Live edge furniture looks great on their own Where Can I Use Live Edge Furniture Live edge furniture contrasts the simplicity of clean lines against a raw, unfinished wood edge, offering a unique organic elegance of furniture Live edge furniture gives a natural design and it fabricates in various designs like a live edge table, live edge coffee table, Epoxy table, light fixtures, and live edge mirror designs Designers embedded live edge to showcase wood’s natural beauty They are each crafted from carefully handselected solid wood, chosen for its unique grain and natural beauty Live Edge furniture automatically makes a statement It complements the home decor It adds style to your home furnishing and also give a natural look It is ideal for making furniture of every kind that can rest indoor and outdoor as well, in every climatic condition With Live Edge furniture, you add value to your home decor Live edge furniture and finishes that include and exalt the contour of the living tree Liveedge furniture’s popularity has led to its use in architectural installations like mantels, handcrafted live edge mirrors, and shelves Live Edge Sustainability Live edge is clearly a contemporary furniture tradition, rather than a passing trend The natural look of Live Edge gives a unique touch to your home You can find wood slabs with live edges, and you can use it for a wide variety of projects from furniture to decorations One of the best things about Live edge furniture is the quality and its sustainability To create a truly unique item from wood choose the natural beauty and character of a live edge With an everchanging range of live edge furniture, you can be sure that each piece will combine the beauty of British grown hardwood with the natural shape of the raw live edge of the tree It gives an unusually shaped of any furniture Thank You for reading! Chicago Fabrications would love to work with you to design your own live edge furniture piece Call us today at 3126371923 or stop in and see us You can also visit our online store to see our currently available pieces

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